What our customers are saying.

Lindley Mckenzie
"When you lose a loved one, it can be a very traumatic experience, having to plan a burial can add to the stress. Goodies is no ordinary undertaker but rather a special one. Going the extra mile and planning a dignified burial is top priority for Goodies. Showing the utmost care and humility for the family and lost loved one, Goodies sets the tone for a remarkable send off and prides itself in exceptional client service. For this reason, the Valentine Family has chosen Goodies time and time again. Thank you Dinusha and Deon for supporting us with the burial of Braden, Cavell, my Dad and Lance over the years. We are so grateful to have you in our lives."
Violet Moonsamy
“Goodies Funeral Directors,are excellent very caring and compassionate…They had buried both my parents in 2008 and 2010 and last year my brother in-law.they very caring,about the loved ones and family..they will take care of all the arrangements…making sure the family is treated with the most care and respect, The most compassionate funeral services”
Sally Maharaj
“My mum passed away late last year, 1 call to Dion, and the rest was taken care of. All the neccessary arrangements for my mum’s funeral was taken care without any hiccups. Thank you Goodies Funeral Services and Dion For a great service. Highly recommended”
Nerusha Archary
“EXCELLENT SERVICE , consultant cindy was amazing ,and patient and really explained all the plans well”
"No one plans for the day you will have to say good bye to a loved one. The team at Goodies really go out of their way to ensure your loved ones have the most heart felt and dignified send offs. Thank you Dinusha and Dion for supporting us through the process of planning and executing the entire funeral and the ongoing support and after care you offer so selflessly. May your God bless you and your dedicated team abundantly."
"Grief isn't something that allows you to think with a clear mind. I lost my mom recently and I can really say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dion and Dinusha and the wonderful team at Goodies. Every arrangement was done with so much empathy and I am eternally grateful for their professionalism and unique way of making final send offs so special and dignified. Thank you"

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